Friday, May 16, 2008

REVISED and SIMPLER Practical Issues: Staying in touch by email

Whom is it that I address?
Who takes down what I confess?

Leonard Cohen

This blog plans to heats up in about a month and become more graphic as the rest of my family, especially my sons start adding content. SO if you want to be advised when we added a note or a video or an illustration or a photo or maybe even a song, then you now have three choices: the easiest way is to put your email address in the subscribe box that is the second thing below  my profile on the right.  Click sign up and you will get an email asking to confirm that you want my blog updates. Do as they direct and you will get the update notifications by email.  Some spam filters are putting  the automated  email that asks you to confirm in your junk folder, so check for it there if you don't receive the letter. The second way is that subscribe thing above that box called ATOM. Clicked on it and follow the instructions (if any). The last option is that you can click on the RSS at the far right on the web address line and follow the instructions (if any). All these are automated and they all work, so any one will save me much effort and ensure you are being updated.  For those of you who have already emailed a request, I will send you an update email, or you can simply choose the first of the options and that will remove the risk of me messing up. Thanks. I am just learning this blogging and HTML stuff and am proud of adding the widget.
FYI, my donor is scheduled for his check up on June 1 and and both he and I should get the green light about a week later. The plan is to harvest his cells on June 30 and transplant me the next day.


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