Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Traits of a Warrior

Ed Schmotzer is not only an AML survivor and a post transplant warrior, but a generous, sage, and energetic man who wants to share his positive approach to what every challenges you face especially transplants. He called me after I sought support from others ahead of me in the haematopoetic stem cell transplant curve.  Thank you, Ed.

Traits of a Warrior!

1.    Concentrates on the Course of Action – Focused – No Distractions – Adrenaline Flows – Doesn’t let up for even One Second – Never looks back; Only Forward – Bound Emotionally and Intellectually to the Battle - Intense Self Discipline to Prepare and Execute the Course of Action – Knows what has to be done.

2.    Knows the Enemy – Studies the Enemy – How the Enemy will Attack – The Enemy’s Strengths and Where the Enemy is Vulnerable – How to Counter the Blows the Enemy will Inevitably Throw – Knows the Battle will Not Be Easy; the Warrior may even Get Hurt.

3.    Trains for the Fight – Gets Ready for Combat – Mentally and Physically – A Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine – The Best Conditioned will have the Stamina for the Battle.

4.    He Knows Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that He is Going to Survive – He KNOWS He is Going to be Victorious – He has Total Confidence – There is No Hesitation when It’s Time to Fight – Odds and Statistics are Irrelevant – He has Implicit Trust in His Leader.  A Good Warrior is a Very Poor Loser.  He Hates to Lose at Anything.  “Winning isn’t Everything; It’s the Only Thing!”

5.    No One Can Fight His Fight for Him – That would be Someone Else’s Fight – He has Support Beside Him and Behind Him, but Ultimately, It’s His Fight!  It’s Difficult, if not Impossible, to Fight while Running Away.  You have to Fight “Head On”.

6.    If He Gets Knocked Down, He Gets Right Back Up and Into the Fight – He Takes Setbacks in Stride.

7.    He Doesn’t Hold Anything Back when the Fight is On – Every Ounce of His Strength is poured into The Attack – There is No Event, Occasion, or Happening More Important than This.

8.    He’s Proud To Be A Warrior – He Wears the Scars of Battle With Pride – He Holds the Banner of Victory High!


Be A Warrior!  Be an “Army of One

Ed Schmotzer, AML Leukemia Survivor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recently found your blog. My husband had MUD transplant 10/2005 for multiple myeloma. I've been blogging about him since then at purpleride.blogspot.com

Friends can subscribe to your blog with a feed reader (try Bloglines) and they will get notification of your posts automatically...save you the time of emailing them

Best of luck to you! I'll be reading..and I've linked your blog on mine.

May 22, 2008 at 7:50 PM  
Blogger Mike and Lisa said...

I am deeply touched to have received a copy of the letter you sent out to your many patients. I have only seen you a handful of times (Dr. Rhodes is my regular family practitioner). We will be praying for you and your precious family during this challenging time; mostly that God will reveal Himself to you completely, who He is and for His plan in your life. I know you consider yourself blessed - I pray that the Lord will use this time in your life to show you how blessed you can be when you see Him for who He really is.

May 27, 2008 at 5:05 PM  

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