Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why I am vegan, revisited

Dr Hamblin recently posted on alternative therapies for CLL on his blog and discussed the lack of evidence that diets are any help. He is right of course.

Here is how I responded to his post:

I am vegan, mostly raw, mostly organic. I have no fantasy that this will cure me and even less impulse to convert anyone else to my diet. And I am not fanatical. I cheat when I travel and eat egg and dairy.

I do it because I believe a plant based diet is the healthiest diet for me (with a B12 supplement), and I already have CLL, so I don't need anymore problems.

I do it because I believe it is more sustainable for the planet and is clearly better for the animals. And it supports the local organic farmers' co-operative.

I do it because it makes my GI tract feel the best it has ever felt.

I do it because because I love the taste of fresh local organic fruits and vegetables. It helps to live in southern California

And I do it because it is a form of discipline that I enjoy in my otherwise mostly undisciplined life.



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