Friday, August 3, 2012

Lung Cancer and CLL

Seems like my last post on secondary cancer was old news.

Here is a review that I just discovered from 1979 in CHEST, a respected medical journal on lung disorders,  that examines the link between lung cancer and CLL. Seven percent or one out of every fourteen CLL patients had lung cancer too in this study. That was eleven times higher than the general population.

Another reason never to smoke.

If you missed my last post on CLL, second at cancers, and CT scans take a look if you want a more nuanced and referenced discussion of these topics.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I dont think it;s fair to cite the 1979 chest paper. To quote the paper

:All 14 patients were men and were found to be heavy cigarette smokers (one to two packs per day for more than 20 years).

THese patients were treated with colloidal radioactive phosphorus, or, as I call it, cancer in a can.
No need to wild us up more. I agree with the skin hyper vigilance, of course, but I think the course of the disease has changed. I use sun block every day, and I suspect this will reduce skin cancer incidence. I couldn't agree more about the CT scans, but, once again, the level of radiaton used in CT scan has been dropping over the years.

Steven weinreb

August 9, 2012 at 2:37 PM  

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