Sunday, December 9, 2012


Let me use this post just to set the scene. I will bear news soon, all of it good, some of it incredible.

There is so much happening at ASH, often at the same time. There are several incidences when I have highlighted three different important presentations related to CLL for the same 15 minute slot that I would love to attend. That's not going to happen.

Add to this is that the conference center is so huge that it can take 20 minutes or longer to walk from one  lecture hall to another. I actually walk much more inside the building than the pleasant 15 minute walk through centennial park to the center from the hotel.

Add to that some 15,000 attendees, all of whom are in the halls between sessions with the proficient and helpful staff directing the heavy to and fro foot traffic through the long corridors and onto the narrow escalators.

So far one and a half days into it, I have interviewed Drs. Pagel, Kipps, and Steensma. Andrew Schorr interviewed me and I returned the favor, asking him about his coping with a secondary cancer. I have video from the press conference on ibrutinib given by Dr. Byrd.

So much more yet to happen.

Without my professional videographer, my oldest son, Ben, it would be impossible to pull this off.

The logistics are tricky. At the Georgia World Congress Center, we are constantly rejiggering the schedule, lining up the hematologists ( think herding cats), procuring the much in demand interview rooms, setting and resetting up redundant recording systems, doing the sound and video checks, and finally making sure the actual interviews runs on time. Rushing back to the hotel, Ben is recharging batteries, downloading the video cards, running our backups, and doing all the trouble shooting.

In between I am attending lectures and trying to find something vegan to eat.

The first sessions start at 7:30 AM and the last can finish at 8AM.

It makes for a long, busy but incredibly rewarding day.

I am so lucky to be here, to have my son's help and to have access to the generosity and wisdom of so many doctors.

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