Sunday, December 9, 2012

Real Live Time at ASH 2012

I am posting this from the lecture hall at ASH with Jan Burger from MDACC speaking on ibrutinib and rituximab.

Forgive typos and possible errors. This is unedited and I may have made mistakes, so it is not gospel.

Here it is as it happens:

Study was in high risk CLL either 17 p or 11q del or < 3 yr response to FCR

Prior trial of ibrutinib alone good responses including the high risk patients, so more research.

This trial added R to see if helped, weekly x 4, then monthly x 6 months

Ibrutinib was given orally daily.

Enrollment criteria were these HR patients
Most patients Rai 3 or 4
Had average of 2.5 prior RXs
B2M elevated
50% 17p
33% 11q
80% unmutated


As expected ALC showed rise at first then fell after months
Hgb climbed
Only 2 patients off study, or 38 of the 40 patients are still on study
Dramatic shrinking of nodes within weeks.
At 3-6 months more than 50% decrease in node size. No difference in 17p responses.
Same with shrinking spleen
At 3-6 month, 1 CR, ORR was 83%, 2 with SD
20% diarrhea
Bone achy, No increased infections.
CCL3 CCL4  too high at start, fell with Rx

That's it.

38 out of 40 doing well in the highest risk patients. That's amazing.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Dr. Koffman, I am just curious to know the main difference between ibrutinib and AVL-292, another BTK inhibitor. Can that be more potent than ibrutinib or we just have to wait the outcome of the clinical trial? Or can two of them be more effective? Has anybody thought of combining of other kinase inhibitors? I would ask all these to Dr. Kipps also when my dad sees him again. Since you are at the ASH Conference, at the heart of the current discussions, presentations, among doctors and scientists from all over the world, I couldn't resist from asking you. Thank you for sharing the encouraging news from the ASH conference. I am very happy to know that you are doing fantastic with ibrutinib and ofatumumab trial at OSU. God bless you!!

Jay, Walnut, CA

December 10, 2012 at 12:54 AM  

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