Monday, March 18, 2013

St Patrick's Day with The Fenians

The Grove in Orange County (the squeezebox player looks right at home in his kilt)

Orange County's own local Irish rock band, the Fenians. Such fun. Celtic Rock. A crowd that covered at least three generations Irish dancing and wearing silly green beads and shamrocks on their heads.

I took a much need break from writing a paper on thyroid disease to catch their show.

No Guinness or Irish coffee or green beer for me, but green tea to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Does that count?

Cabbage, but no corn beef for this vegan.

I should have been working, but I can only stare at my computer screen so long.

Posts and video interviews on CLL will be more forthcoming here real soon when I finish what I must on thyroid, gout, anemia, and post trauma stress disorder. I won't even dare to share what wonderful tales of organ dysfunctions and disease states that I got off my to do do list last week.

Who said my life wasn't interesting?

Should be all finished soon. Until the next batch.

Here's a sense of what I enjoyed tonight instead of doing my homework or writing a post with gravitas.

"Won't you take her in your arms and tell her that you love her."

Won't ya?  I think you should.

Am I turning Irish? No, but I am married to a bonny lass with Irish blood and green eyes.

And I believe in being fully ecumenical when it come to celebrating holidays, especially the ones that are such fun and include live music.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As my mother often said, "Erin go Bragh".
Be well, TomD

March 20, 2013 at 9:42 PM  

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