Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Goal never gets old

The Goal never gets old

Hockey and CLL- a winning combo. You probably need to be Canadian to know of this iconic moment, this crowning event in the history of the true north, strong and free, when the great nation north of the 49th parallel beat back the might Soviet Union and snatched victory from the stick of defeat.

We scored. Actually he scored, Paul Henderson, and the nation let out its collective held breath for the first time that day, that month.

We were, and I need I remind anyone, remain, champions of the world (last Olympics).

Thank you Paul W. for the link.

Canada does a much better job covering CLL in its popular press than the USA. I guess we are not as sexy as breast or colon cancer.

We remain mostly invisible and we don't need surgery. And we usually don't die right away.

But we CLLers are a good example of a supportive community across different ages, races, geographies, and classes. We are mostly blameless for our woes, but we struggle for a smart cure together with our support groups and clinical trials. We are brave and tough and wise. And we all know we are all in this together.

Oh well, we will get our day in the sunshine sometime. I for one am pushing for that.

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