Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another boring bone marrow biopsy and aspiration

When asked if I had had this procedure before, I just smiled my yes.

When asked how many times, I didn't know.

Becky, Dr. Kipps' NP was great, the pain was minimal during and after, though my blood pressure did shoot up a bit. I am convinced it more a matter of technique than strength, though I know this experienced oncology nurse worked hard to get the specimen. Thanks to G-d for lidocaine.

You want your bone marrow biopsy to be routine. Results in two weeks. That is the part that is hardest for me.

With no meds for pain, I was well enough to stop at my new favorite raw restaurant, Peace Pies in my old haunt, Leucadia. These guys are amazing and committed. Great introduction to raw food. And I love that old beachy still slightly hippy feeling of that stretch of Pacific Coast Highway.

Back home, after a desperately needed nap, I am back to the grind and cleaning up the house before my wife comes back tomorrow.

Making good progress on my to do list for the CLL but nothing is "completed" yet and life has a way of disrupting my plans. That's OK. It reflects an active engagement with the world.

Though the cat is fine company, I miss my wife who is out of town helping out with our 6 month old granddaughter. Amira's blog is much more more exciting and certainly more fun to look at than mine.

My most brilliant move today was to pick up "to go" a raw organic vegan "tuna sandwich" and a slice of "apple pie" for my dinner, so life is sweet.

A good day. Another ho-hum bone marrow biopsy and drive along the amazing California coast.

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Blogger John Kleinberg said...

When getting the BMB, adding sodium bicarbonate to the lidocaine takes the bee sting out of the needle. Best to tell the doctor in advance of the procedure so as to not slow the procedure.
John Kleinberg

January 20, 2012 at 7:42 AM  

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