Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another cold, this time in Missouri, interfering with everything

Fighting my second miserable head cold since Thanksgiving. All have occurred since I reduced my IVIg. Three trips across the country in two weeks was too much for me. Though my Missouri hosts could not have been kinder and my board meetings went well, I feel tired and achy and can't wait to get home tomorrow to my wife, my own home, and some great raw vegan food. And a good night's sleep.

The plans and effort to teach primary care providers about CLL and transplants is moving forward and I am proud of that work. That was one of the reasons for the trip to Springfield, as the medical eduction will be posted on Primary Issues, an online physician journal based here and then presented in live programs.

I am hoping to cover the ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) meeting in Chicago with the same type of primary care perspective.

And I may be working on a new technology project to help cancer patients manage their care, and will be asking for your feedback soon.

And please don't forget about the audio files to handle to stress of CLL. They are really pretty helpful and I am hoping to raise some money for CCLPAG in Canada and LRF in the USA.

I need to get better soon to work on all these projects.

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