Friday, February 8, 2013


And now for something completely different and very calming.

My son-in-law, Nick Sowers, a San Francisco based architect and sound artist creates a surprisingly meditative soundscape.


"Above/Below" is a sound installation which occupies the watery landscape, simultaneously above and below the water surface. Using three pieces of technology to augment my experience--a half-submerged waterproof digital camera, a microphone, and a hydrophone--I listened in on the sounds underwater such as cargo ships all the while tuning in on train horns and various ambient sounds of the Alameda shipping channel. An audio track pans between these two realms seamlessly while the listener stands in front of an image taken by the camera, the surface edge made thicker by the distortion of water on the lens.

Soon I will publish very informative video interviews with Dr. Tom Kipps from ASH, hopefully more good news when I get my bone marrow biopsy report, and my thoughts on why, despite the great and often urgent human need, it is important to follow all the steps and not rush a trial or the FDA process for drug approval.

But first, dim the lights, move into a quiet room, and take the few minutes necessary to forget your troubles and concerns and instead relax with these simple and beautiful watery ambient sounds.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the video - glad u are okay! Alison.

February 16, 2013 at 6:54 PM  

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