Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Giving Tuesday: Please Help the CLL Society fulfill its Mission of helping those with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Help the non profit CLL Society on Giving Tuesday at https://cllsociety.org/donate-to-cll-society/.

At a recent CLL Society Patient Educational Forum, patients Judy, Leigh Ann, Rosette, Susan, Dave, Bruce and Mark, plus caregiver Beth, stepped in front of our camera and spoke from the heart.

These CLL patients and their caregivers are people just like you. They have felt the same range of emotions. They have had many of the same questions. They have reached out to The CLL Society and they have learned that they are not alone.

Please take a moment to listen to their uplifting messages.

While Brian, Patty, Betsy and Nancy, plus our amazing volunteers, keep the wheels turning, they shoulder a heavy load.

Many CLL patients are still poorly informed of their treatment options. Many still receive sub-optimal care. So we need to be ceaseless in our efforts to reach them.

Your letters of thanks, testimonials, and the goodwill you engender by spreading the word of our services uplifts our spirits and fuels our passion.

Your financial contribution will put tools in our hands.

We will keep on giving.

Please support The CLL Society on Giving Tuesday by making a donation at https://cllsociety.org/donate-to-cll-society/.

Thank you!


Patricia Koffman, Executive Director
The CLL Society

Smart Patients Get Smart Care.™


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