Monday, June 16, 2008

A Date Certain

Time, time, time, See what's become of me, While I look around all my possibilities, I was so hard to please
Paul Simon

After a third change in conditioning protocol in less than a week, I have a plan and a date. I am glad they are making these changes. Tells me my docs are thinking  hard about the best path to success in my particular situation. I am also glad that they are done, I hope, with changing my schedule. I will be admitted to City of Hope on Jean de Baptiste Day, my birthday, June 24, and will start my chemo the next day. But July 1, Canada Day, is DAY ZERO, the big day, the transplant day. All very auspicious.  All that is left is final donor clearance. And of course, I need to stay well for the next 9 days. It sure looks like this is really going to happen.


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