Monday, June 9, 2008

How to be a Hero

"You could be a hero"
David Bradstreet

Not everyone is as lucky as me. I have a donor. Charlie Fry does not.
Consider giving blood or registering as a donor for him. I will be asking for your definite help with blood and platelets in July and beyond. Mr. Fry is looking for one possible chance in the future which means he needs as many as possible to be tested now to increase his chances of finding that one donor. 

Please read the appeal below for the blood/donor drive at St Jude in Fullerton. Call first the if you plan to donate blood.

This coming Friday, June 13 we are having our first ever Combined Blood
Drive & Bone Marrow Donor Recruitment Drive at St Jude.  In addition to
our ongoing need for whole blood donors, we are seeking individuals who
are willing to register with the National Marrow Donor Program and
become potential bone marrow donors for patients needing a life-saving
bone marrow transplant.

This Bone Marrow Drive is jointly sponsored by the City of Hope, the
NMDP, and the friends and family of Charlie Fry.  Charlie Fry is the
husband of Karen Fry, an RN in our ED department.  Charlie has recently
been diagnosed with leukemia and has been treated both here at St Jude
and now at City of Hope.  He has just completed his third round of
chemotherapy and is waiting for a bone marrow donor match.  Karen has
consented to share Charlie*s story in the hopes that he and others may
find a compatible marrow and receive this potentially life-saving

This is certainly one of those times where the actions of one
individual can have an enormous life-saving impact!  To join the
NMDP*s list of registered donors, you must be between 18-60 years
of age and meet general health requirements.  At the recruitment drive,
a cheek swab will be collected and sent for preliminary HLA-typing.  The
data will be entered into the national marrow registry and if a
potential match is identified now or in the future, you would be
contacted.  More information can be obtained from the City of Hope/NMDP
recruiters who will be on site Friday.

SJMC- American Red Cross Blood Drive            6/13/08    8AM-8PM                 
NMDP-COH Bone Marrow Recruitment Drive    6/13/08   2PM-8PM

Miguel Ramirez, our Red Cross blood recruiter, will be onsite in the
East/Val Mesa Lobby this Wednesday, June 11, to make appointments for
blood donors.  Alternately, you can sign up online at
<>, sponsor code: sjmcf, or you can call Miguel
at 714 686 7078.  No appointment is needed for Bone Marrow Registry

Won*t you please consider donating a unit of whole blood AND signing
up to become a bone marrow donor?  You never know, you may be the ONE to SAVE SOMEONE*S LIFE!!


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