Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'Life's a Beach"

It's just the way things change now like the shoreline and the sea

Leonard Cohen

Patty and I are taking a few days off the Internet to be be soothed by the lapping Pacific waves of Crystal Cove, , just 6 miles from where we live, but a quantum leap away in the diminution of distraction and the celebration  of the natural.  And the sunsets. I am thankful for every one of them. A year ago, our last visit to the Cove,  I was not so certain I had too many left. In fact, I had told Patty I wanted that particular Cohen tune " That's no way  to say goodbye" sung at my funeral. It's that old voodoo, that if you are prepared for the worst, you won't need it.

Now at day 75 post transplant, I can start to relax a bit, and go even outside (if there is no crowd) without a mask. Soon I will be eating salads again. The grim harvester also must wait and watch.

I admit that I did come home for an hour today to pick up a fax. It showed the good news that my bone marrow FISH studies are normal. That's another confirmation of no CLL in the bone marrow. CT scan is in 2 days so I am not going to spend much longer here in the digital world, when those analog beaches are beckoning.

Later, dudes


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