Monday, October 13, 2008

"The song remains the same" Led Zeppelin

Just gimme the truth
All I want is the truth

John Lennon

Another lab error. Another emotional roller coaster ride. 

Get everything in writing!  My B cells are not 100% donor. Apparently when there is not enough DNA to test, the report defaults to 100% donor. A most strange twist on the wishful thinking paradigm. If you print it, it will be.  They are in actually somewhere in the low 20%. My critical T cells are rock solid at a "steady as she goes" 64.5%, and my granulocytes are stable at 32%

Little change overall, but the fax  copy of the results has not arrived, so take those results as likely to certain as a short bet on the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup. Not bad news, just more of the same. The song, like the King's  losing ways, remains the same.

More later as I digest this news.

One last tune, as I sashay my way out of this post, this one by James Taylor " Still he knows how to ease down slow. Everything is fine in the end." 

That is something solid I can hold onto to.


Blogger J.R. said...

Oh Brian, sorry to hear the news. Hopefully with more DNA the results will show better percentage. (If I understand your post correctly, that is a possibility.)

October 13, 2008 at 8:09 PM  
Blogger Judy Cleri said...

Dear Dr. K,

Hum.......bummer, but all will be well......Oh how I understand how hard it is to be on that stupid roller coaster up one day, down the next. Keep on keeping on. You are going to beat this CLL thing and be back to your normal life very soon.

Now as to the Kings........don't know what to tell you there. They don't look to pretty do they? But then on the other hand.....neither do my Ducks! I did get to hang out with the team on Friday night. I will send some pictures for you to drool over. So much fun!

Take care, the road may be long, but well worth it!


October 14, 2008 at 7:24 AM  

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