Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Yes, We're going to a party, party" The Beatles

You are all invited to a party, art opening and experiment on Oct 18 that will be contributing to major advancements in medical knowledge and general happiness.

The details are explained as follows:

Important New Clinical Trial (AKA PARTY and ART OPENING) studying the effects of Celebration and Art on Mind, Body and Spirit


It has long been hypothesized that joy is an attitude best shared. The long term beneficial effects of celebrating will be examined by partying and enjoying original art. Specific research goals including answering the following questions:

Will Brian's 100 + days post transplant complete remission party render him any less neurotic about waiting another 1725 days for an even bigger party  to celebrate his official declaration of a cure?

Will the celebration of Robert's birthday make his upcoming curative transplant easier for him and his family?

How many decades of no disease progression will Wanda add to her life by the sharing of her happy birthday with so many celebrants?

Will my son's Ben's donation of 10% of the sales from his Avanti Cafe art opening  to The Lymphoma Research Foundation shorten the time to finding a cure for all with CLL?

What extra blessings will be bestowed on my daughter Rachael and son-in-law Nick as they  fly down from Berkeley on the occasion of their 3rd wedding anniversary? My daughter Heather is coming in from New York and my dad from Vancouver. What beneficial effects will they experience?

Will everyone attending with CLL or a transplant get a "contact high" that will induce an  amelioriative effect on their health?

Will the Festival of Booths (Sukkot)  remind us of the joys of the harvest and our ancient wandering roots? 

Inclusion Criteria

A Joyful heart

A willingness to celebrate

Over 14 years old (please no young children)

A love of art would help

You do not have to have had leukemia or a transplant.

Exclusion Criteria THESE ARE SERIOUS

Recent or possible infections or exposure to infections

Recent LIVE  vaccine (the flu shot is OK, but not the nasal spray)

Gifts (Instead, if so moved, give to LRF or St Jude Medical Center or City of Hope) However, food, non-alcoholic drinks, jokes and acoustic musical instruments are welcomed.


Possible Benefits

Meeting new friends and visiting old ones

Sharing in joy

Exposure to great art and vegetarian food at Avanti Cafe

Boosting immunity with laughter and joy

Possible risks

Sadness over not being able to hug many of the participants due to lowered immunity

Time and Place

Party will be at a Heller Park (257 E. 16th St) in Costa Mesa 4-6 PM
It's a short walk to Avanti Cafe (259 E.17th St) (a wonderful vegetarian cafe) for the art opening and continuation of the festivities  6-9 PM


Contact and RSVP Information

Please RSVP by leaving a message at 949 233-4748 or email It will help us plan and count heads.
If you are lost or need help call Patty at 949 338-1916

Hope to see you as you become a part of the experiment in healing and joy.


Blogger Judy Cleri said...

Daer Dr. K,

Hate to spoil your day, but have you checked the paper? Ducks 3 Kings 2.............Last night and Ducks 2/Kings 1 Tuesday night......Hate to say it but Nah nah nah! My Ducks rule!


October 2, 2008 at 10:16 AM  

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