Friday, December 19, 2008

"Now I wish I could write you a melody so plain That could hold you dear lady from going insane" Bob Dylan

That could ease you and cool you and cease the pain
Of your useless and pointless knowledge

Bob Dylan

The lecture I just reviewed on diabetes harbored no surprise attacks on my weakened immunity or my anti-silo proclivity.  Unlike my last medical review that started my ongoing battles with the CDC about the safety of the live herpes zoster vaccine, I have no bones to pick with the ADA (American Diabetic Association) as they dare not venture into my terra firma of white cells gone wild. I can handle their sober teachings on dying islet cells. The scope of their problem may be bigger and the ultimate toll far higher, but I am playing at the high stakes table. Let them argue their case at the penny slots. True, that is where the real profits come, but it just ain't the game I'm playing  this time around.

I was pleased to see the CLL gurus, Drs. Keating and Byrd, both well known to the bad to bone (and node) crowd,  admonishing us to NOT get the zoster vaccine in interviews and posts on the web. Good on em. I am bursting with pride to know I play a behind the scenes role in making that happen. But my work is not done.  

I will push in the new year to get the bug docs and the blood docs singing the same song.


Blogger TomD said...

Thanks for your original alert on the CDC recommendation. As you know, Dr. Hamblin posted a thoughtful overview along with his recommendations. I gave a copy of his post to a Mayo hem/onc and suggested he talk with another colleague, who was on the CDC committee, to educate him on leukemia issues, especially after treatment. It seem some CLL patients have gotten the vaccine and have had localized shingles reactions around the injection site so there is hard evidence to point to.

December 19, 2008 at 2:40 PM  

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