Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Beach and Beyond

I took time out from idyllic camping at Doheny State Beach right on the sand to attend the CLL support group.

It was not easy to leave the no worries, life is simple, mindset of the beach to drive up Pacific Coast Highway to visit my friend Joe and the rest of the CLL gang.

I even brought Joe salt (Himalayan) and fresh bread (from my favorite organic vegan bakery, Avanti Cafe) to bless his new home: Bread... that this house may never know hunger. Salt... that life may always have flavor. You can add a broom to sweep the troubles away, but enough already.

The meeting was as always, solid and authentic, well worth the travel, but sadly only 3 of us were able to make it. Maybe it was because it was hard after the holiday weekend. I guess it is good that we are all so busy with more than our CLL, still I miss the rest of the gang. This is important stuff. The support group is crucial for my well being and for helping me to clarify to my decisions. It is also a chance for all of us to, (pardon my Californian 60's speak): Share

Meanwhile back at the campsite.

The beach was cooled by onshore breezes to a perfect toasty warm, but the waves were flat, so no Surfing USA, just swimming and bogie boarding in the shore break. And of course staring at the dancing flames in the campfire, and reading and vegging out. One advantage to being a raw foodie is no cooking pots to clean.

I remain confident that I have excellent options and no emergent dangers, and so look forward to many more chances to surf. No bucket list for me. Not for a long time.

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Blogger Dragon Slayer said...

Sorry Brian-wasn't"in the know " about the meeting. Shingles and Home Health IV's are gone so see you in October.
You give to us so much in the group-very lucky to have met and know you

September 9, 2009 at 6:52 PM  

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