Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost two weeks since my last post

It has been almost two weeks since I last had a word to say about my status.

Those who follow me on FaceBook know I have squeezed out a short comment or two, most of which have nothing to do with CLL. I don't tweet too often though.

I could tell you how busy I have been, I could share all the other writing and editing I have been doing, I could detail my painful deconstruction of all my CLL files in what in the end was a vain attempt to impose some order on the paperwork from hell, and I could kvetch about how tired I have been.

None of that would get at the real reason for my missing in action status.

Truth is I was not just up to writing. Bloggers block.

Here's the headlines to catch you up on my latest lab and adventures.

My platelets last week were 131,000. The B2M, a tumor marker is creeping up at glacier pace, and the rest of the lab is pretty much normal. Not bad, but not the usual happy bounce to normal by that time. Hard to know how to react, what to write. It is certainly more than OK, but I was expecting and hoping for better. Next IVig and with it a stat CBC is in 2 days. I will also have a flow cytometry to search for traces of cancer in my peripheral blood. These tests could predict my future, but honestly nothing is predictably predictable.

My four day attendance at a functional medicine conference on cancer in Carlsbad that reopened my eyes to some forgotten possibilities, the speech I gave at a very successful and very emotionally demanding fund raiser for the good people of Be The Match, and Purdue professor, Dr. Kim's reference to my blog in regards to social networking for those with medical needs at a conference in faraway Italy, all deserve significant comment and reflection. Not to mention the tragic loss of the Montreal Canadiens to Philly in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

I will get there. I will do that. But not tonight. This is enough for tonight.

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Blogger Alison said...

Hi Brian: thanks for posting.

May 27, 2010 at 8:13 AM  

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