Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thinking Transplant?

The great folks at Be the Match have a pretty new resource.

It is a bit hard to find on their web page, so you can click here to find yourself where you need to be to see if you have potential donors lurking out there

It won't do you much good if you arrive without knowing your HLA typing, and honestly you need to know a little about the whole matching process, but the site has a fine FAQ and holds your hand in understanding what the results do and don't mean.

If your number of potential matches is low or zero, don't panic - there are people being added to the registry every day, and there are other registries. Remember my blessed donor was found through Ezer Mizion halfway across the world.

Most of you, G-d willing will never need this service, but nearly all of you can be on the other side - can have a chance to save a life, to be a donor.

Please get swabbed. Please give if you can.

A man I never met, Alan Cohen died because no donor was found. His sister spoke emotionally about his need and his plight at the same event where I met my donor in Manhattan. The video on the site is from that same emotional night.

Despite bringing in 35,000 more donors, no match was found, and he died before the end of the year. Leukemia can be a cruel master.

I am the lucky one from that night. I am still here, still going. I must make a difference.

John Donne got it right:

Each man's death diminishes me, / For I am involved in mankind

So did Ben Lee:

We are are in this together.

Thanks. Help if you can. You will glad you did.

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