Saturday, December 31, 2011

To do list

If I put it online, I will do it.

I like to do "to do list". It gives me this warm false sense of making progress. It's virtual progress, but if the illusion of tackling a problem is good enough for our do nothing congress, can't I borrow a page from their book.

Here goes, my immediate, no big picture but the small details that all add up hopefully to something positive at the end of the year, get moving soon list.

CLL Related:

CLL is so often on my front burner (the important and urgent quadrant of what needs to done). It would be so great if only it was on the "give back" burner.

Clinical trial:

1: Stay on top of my insurance issues. (Calls, emails, documents, thank yous)
2: Stay on top of getting medical records (UCSD, CoH, and St. Jude)
3: Update and fill out my clinical summary
4: Research where to stay, where to eat (vegan), and where to pray (Kaddish every Friday night for my dad)

Disability Insurance:

Complete my part of the same form again that keeps roof overhead and food on the table and get the doctor's part to my doctor

CLL Hypnosis Self-Help Audio Files:

1: Read my friend Dr. Larry Deutsch book and help plan how we can get these files to everyone who needs them while raising money for CLL research.

CLL ASH Education for Primary Care Providers:

1: Final Video editing by Tuesday
2: Education text between video clips
3: CME Q+A
4: Reference checks
5: Posting on line

CLL ASH for Education for Patients

1: Clean up and post links to a yet to be established U-Tube or such link. I think my son can help with this.

CLL Research:

1: Get back to my basic research on how CLL trials are conducted. I have only tabulated 10% of the data so far.

CLL Conferences:

Looking into Niagara Falls again and ASCO in Chicago. Dreaming (and researching) funding for the European Hematology meeting in the spring

CLL Adventures:

Cancel Hawaii. More on that later.

CLL CME Lectures:

Prepare three powerpoint lectures on CLL, transplants, and anemia for other doctors that I will giving in Las Vegas and Anaheim this spring

This does not include the daily intake of CLL related emails and articles.

Not wanting to sound too chipper, I am happy to be this busy. It feels alive and purposeful.

I think I will put off on the non-CLL parts of the list.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

"polite and helpful," now I can help you with that, if only to say it is always thus - whatever the "problem" is, it is yours - you are trying to do something about it, you get the runaround and yet you are calm, keep talking, lines of communication open. I often think there goes my whole life, you need help sometimes, (as everyone does), it is not easy to ask anyway, you find yourself apologizing for existing. Most people are nice, however. When you have organized all and put some distance between yourself and the thing, it can then seem funny - never funny at the time though. Thinking of you, Brian, and all your family! Alison.

December 31, 2011 at 9:46 PM  

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