Sunday, November 27, 2011

Other blogs about transplants

I wrote this answer to a patient on ACOR or Association of Cancer Online Resources to her questions about other's experience with transplants and CLL with the bad prognostic marker of 17p del.

It sobered and depressed me to have to divulge so much bad news. I believe it is better to know. Not every one agrees,

Hi La Verne

A HSCT is narrow road, but sometimes it's the best road and sometimes it's the only road, but it is always a narrow and difficult road.

Have you contacted BMT-TALK@LISTSERV.ACOR.ORG? That's a start.

Here are some blogs:

Mine is ( not 17p but 11q CLL). I am here and doing OK 3 years post a rejected HSCT.

Wanda Zimmer is still in first 100 days with 17p del CLL at

Chonette Taylor and Dennis Bayer have done pretty well, but they don't have a blog that I know.

And Susan's with CML is many years out, not without challenges, but living a big full life.

Another friend has done super well with both CLL and MDS post transplant:

Paul's story is helpful and pretty calm, but with some recent bad news:


Robert was good friend with 17p who died suddenly post transplant:

So did PC VENKAT, a hero of mine. He was also 11q del like me. See Tough stuff

Prepare for a wild CLL/ transplant ride with Greg: He's a great writer too.

Another whom I know is Aaron who has had a tough time:

My friend Ron didn't make it.

My memory is distorted. As a doctor, I am often guided by the worst cases, as they are the ones you must learn from to best avoid repeating the dangerous moves.

I am sure that I have forgotten other voices that have guided and comforted me by sharing their trials and trails. Please forgive me.

I am so sorry to have included so many tragic stories. I personally know or knew many of these brave souls, and yet I still chose to do a HSCT and will likely do a second one. 50% or 60% odds of being alive in 10 years are way better than 0-10% if you are 17P del. Then again, statistics never predict for an individual but only for a group

Still despite all this bad news, actually odds are in your favor, but it is never easy. It is alway complicated and tough to decide and tougher to do.

Stay strong

We are all in this together. Let me know if I can help- if I haven't too scared or depressed you too much.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good consolidation of information. I was not aware of a few of these.

Thanks Brian.

-Janet Morrison

November 28, 2011 at 1:01 AM  
Blogger Tamara said...

Thank you for the information. Thank you for keeping it real. I, too, have 17p del. Tired. Tired of being tired.

December 1, 2011 at 1:14 AM  

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