Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From Bench to Bedside: My clinical Trial of Ibrutinib and Ofatumumab at OSU

I have just discovered an older online publication by OSU that nicely summarizes the design of my clinical trial.

I am in the third cohort that is described and I am doing fine, thank you.

The data from the first cohort was presented at the recent ASCO (the annual professional meeting for clinical oncologists) and send the stock of Pharmacyclics, the makers of ibrutinib, soaring because in this difficult to treat CLL population there was an unheard of 100% response rate. I will post again with more details and explanations soon.

For now however, OSU does such a nice job of explaining the rationale and details of their trial that I am going to let them do the work.

See: if you want to better understand what I am going through.

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