Thursday, December 20, 2012

ASH 2012: Interview with Web Savvy Patient, Andrew Schorr

Andrew Schorr is a journalist, an advocate, and a very web savvy patient who has stared down CLL for about 16 years and it now winning his fight with myelofibrosis.

Through his helpful website,, he has provided a treasure trove of information for patients looking for answers.

Now he gets to be on the other side of the microphone in the hall outside the press rooms at ASH 2012. We learn from the interviewer turned interviewee about his strategies to navigate his disease. He outlines through his personal story and his decision process, the critical need for getting support from others with the disease, the primacy of expert advice, and the important role of clinical trials in saving his life.

In future posts, we will both share the interview he did of me about my ibrutinib trial.

Andrew and I have moved in the same CLL circles for several years now and I hope we keep doing it for many more to come.

Here is the interview:

Below is a photo of some of my local support group and our significant others at our holiday get-together. We don't look too bad for a bunch of patients with an incurable cancer, do we?

I would be lost without them.  If you have CLL, and don't have  support group, get one or join ours if you are local.

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