Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Cousins, Arlene and Bob: Bob was the Best Prime Minister that Canada NEVER Had

Another quick break from CLL, this time to commemorate the passing of an era for Canada in general and my extended family in particular, as my cousin Bob Rae steps down as leader on the Liberal Party in Canada.

Most of you know that I was born in Canada and retain my Canadian citizenship and also my Ontario medical license, making me a legal citizen and doctor in two great countries.

What few of you may know is how much one of my family member has been involved in the highest echelons of Ontario and Canadian politics.

Being an only child, my cousin Arlene was a wise and charming part-time older sister to me when I was growing up in the 50's and 60's in Toronto. Years later, Arlene married a young lawyer and politician, and I married an American musician and our lives went different ways. We stayed in touch across the miles and the years as we raised our families and pursued our dreams.

The hardest thing about leaving Canada was leaving behind my friends and family.

Although now I have lived in the USA for the last 32 years, and I haven't always agreed with my cousins on all things political or about health care delivery, I love and respect their public service, their highest ethical standards, their wisdom, and their pride of country.

Bob Rae is a great man.

He is certainly the best prime minister Canada NEVER had.

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