Thursday, August 15, 2013

Paid Opportunity to Be Interviewed about CLL in Manhattan

I have been approached again to help with recruitment for  CLL patients to be interviewed, this time in Manhattan.

This is not a clinical trial, but likely more an attempt to gather medical marketing information about what most matters to us as patients. The teams are usually very professional and it can be a fun experience to put our real world imprint on how CLL is viewed. I did a similar one years ago and it was a hoot. And a dear CLL friend made such a strong impression during the interview in that same survey that subsequently he has been flown across the country for photo and video shoot and is now the poster boy in innumerable magazines for an important CLL drug.

If you are interested, please see the flier below.

In lieu of paying me for this announcement, I asked the sponsor to make a donation to LRF (Lymphoma Research Foundation) which they promptly did.

If you do decide to do the "study", please let me know and also please tell the folks at Focus Point Global where you found out about the opportunity.

Please pardon their typo (conduction instead of conducting), but who am I to talk.

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