Thursday, September 12, 2013

iwCLL2013: Day 3 Heading Home Tomorrow Full of Hope and New Knowledge

The schedule at iwCLL 2013, Cologne, Germany has been exhausting but most hopeful.

My son and I completed interviews with ten different CLL specialists and I attended almost every hour of the three days of presentations.

More details to follow, but the bottom line take away message from the conference is that the future is bright for those of CLL, there are many reasons to be optimistic, and there is still much work to be done.

The CLL treatment landscape is changing in good ways that were unimaginable just two years, and truth be told, some doctors are quicker to embrace the seismic shifts associated with the novel therapies while others are still clinging to the old tried and true stalwarts of the past.

Expects some commentaries and videos over the next several weeks to explore this and many other topics.

We have a ton of post production work to do over the next several weeks and I have a ton of sleep to catch up on.

Next post when I am back in the USA.

And by the way, iwCLL will be in Sydney, Australia next year.

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