Wednesday, November 6, 2013

iwCLL 2013: Dr. George Calin on Micro-RNA

Dr. George Calin trained in Romania as a gastroenterologist, did ground breaking genetic research in CLL in the lab of the brilliant Italian born geneticist, Professor Carlo Croce, at Ohio State (where as you know I am  doing great in my clinical trial), and is continuing to unearth more secrets about our cancer at his lab at MD Anderson by studying what not so long ago was thought to be "too small to be important" tiny chunks of RNA, but that we know realize play a critical role in gene regulation.

In this first part of my two part interview from Cologne, Germany, I will let the "doctor turned scientist" tell his amazing story and begin to explain more of the basic science that will hopefully soon gives us more tools to outsmart our cancer.

We are so lucky to see this type of international and interdisciplinary collaboration. We patients all benefit and must do what we can to encourage more.

Medicinal specialties spend too much time in their own silos, and Dr, Calin's important work reminds us of what can be achieved when we work beyond our national and professional boundaries.

Enjoy and learn as I did.

Part two soon.

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