Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TITLE: CRC 2015: Dr. Neil Kay on Prognostic Indicators and Standard Early Care for CLL

This week’s new post on the CLL Society’s website brings us practical advice from Dr. Neil Kay out of  Mayo clinic on  prognostic indicators and how to manage early stage CLL. He also  discusses MBL or monoclonal B cell lymphocytosis a precursor to CLL.

Dr. Kay’s lecture and my commentary from the robust but accessible CLL Research Consortium (CRC) Patient Empowerment and Education Conference in April 2015 in San Diego at UCSD can be found under conference coverage here.

If you haven’t already seen Dr. Kipps’ incredible overview of CLL and the work the CRC does, please catch it here.

Brian Koffman (flying home after two weeks in Poland)

Volunteer Medical Director CLL Society

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