Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Glance Inside the Hospital Room

This is Heather, Brian's younger daughter, checking in on my dad's behalf.  Will (of the exploding brain illustration below) and I are visiting with Dad today, and he asked me to put up an update, because he's very tired.  Besides the tiredness and a little nausea, though, Dad's doing well.  I thought I'd just give a quick update, and a peek into the hospital room, so you can see what things are like for Dad here.

Today Dad commented, "It's funny, I have mustard gas going into me, but I feel mostly ok." Mostly he just seems sleepy right now.  The nurse says, "That's normal."  Dad asked my mom to bring up the "mean" board games, especially the one that involves pushing your opponent's pieces off the board with your pieces.  (Not quite like this girl, but close.)
 Of course we're all sanitized and scrubbed in, as you can see. We're playing mad scientist and trying to keep Dad laughing.

We're also decorating the room a bit, with a photo mobile above Dad's bed, as you can see.

We got good news last night, that we can cook for Dad if we stick to his diet plan and cook the food here so it's piping hot.  So we have a crock pot of vegan chili going in the kitchen - hopefully laughter and home cookin' will keep him feeling good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking good! By the way, I recommend a British Movie: Kinky Boots -- you know those Brits and their humour. If you like it, I can see what I can do to get Yvonne to part with her thigh-hi's for you. Just wanted you to know you are on my mind (such as it is) and in my heart. Love, Pam

June 27, 2008 at 11:58 AM  

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