Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home again to stay

13 of the last 18 days I have been on the road, or more correctly, in the air.

That was four cities for an equal number of lectures to nearly 2000 doctors and other healthcare professionals on migraines. I am happy to report that I was well received and well reviewed. I told them all of my CLL and transplant to bring home the message that we doctors can develop expertise in any new clinical area if we are sufficiently motivated.

It was six different art museums in New York, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Chicago.  The Yousef Karsh portraits in the basement of the Art Institute of Chicago was the show stopper. His photos define iconic. The Einstein, the Shaw, the Churchill, the Ali, the Bogart, the Crawford....the list is too long. Don't miss it. Mind you, the circus show at the Baltimore Museum of Art was pretty great too. And I mustn't forget the floating balloons at the Warhol or the theater painting by a very young Chagal at the Jewish.

It was blocks and blocks of walking in the cold, and buses and subways and cabs and a few limos back and forth from the airports.

It was seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones. It was visiting two of my children. It was eating vegan or raw by bringing food with me or traveling long distances from my hotel to find my kind of food.  It was some astounding feast and some pretty bland feedings.  Add Karyn's Cooked to my list of great diners in Shytown. Thank you again

It was two excellent doctors visits.

It was great to get home last night and know that I won't be flying again for three weeks.

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Blogger E. Kostich said...

I'm envious. My love of travel has been tempered these last 9 years by paternal duties; a worthy sacrifice. When will your travels see you in Diamond Bar on a somewhat regular basis?

April 6, 2009 at 8:50 AM  

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