Thursday, June 30, 2016

CLL Society Newsletter with Dr. Jones on venetoclax, Dr. Jacobs on the TAPUR trial, a survey in what makes an expert, and great articles by patients and caregivers

I am happy to share that the Q2 2016 issue of The CLL Tribune has launched! You can read it here:

It is much hard work and we are very grateful to all the patients and caregivers and doctors who contributed to it. 

Please take a read (lots of good stuff) and also give us your opinion on what makes a CLL specialist from your perspective.

The content includes:
·      Reading/viewing an interview with Dr. Jeff Jones about Venetoclax from the recent EHA meeting in Copenhagen in Conference Coverage
·      Read answers to reader questions by Dr. Rick Furman in Ask the Doctor
·      Learn about what bone marrow does in The Basics Section 
·      In Beyond the Basics, find out about the ASCO sponsored TAPUR trial which is looking for new creative uses for already approved targeted therapies
·      Learn new facts about CLL in the Did You Know section
·      View some data from our most recent Reader Poll and share with us your opinions on CLL experts and whom you might recommend to other patients in our Ask & Tell section
·      In Living Well with CLL, you can read about:
o   Why You Should See a CLL Specialist
o   How my Support Group Saved my Life
o   I Don’t Have CLL. Yes, I Do. Now, I Don’t.
o   On Being a Novice Patient
o   May I Remember Never To Forget

Happy reading!
In the meantime….
Stay strong.
We are all in this together.
Brian Koffman, MD
Volunteer Medical Director of the CLL Society


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