Tuesday, July 4, 2017

CLL Tribune is full of articles from patients and expert on chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Last week we published the latest issue of The CLL Tribune (http://www.cllsociety.org/newsletter/). We're so grateful to the patients and physicians who share their experiences and expertise to enrich our CLL Society community.

If you would like to share your story, or have ideas for future articles, please reach out to us.

This week we would again like to highlight the content from The CLL Tribune and offer caregivers the opportunity to provide feedback in our Reader Poll. You can access the survey here: https://q22017.questionpro.com.

Please enjoy the articles and interviews from the Q2 2017 issue of The CLL Tribune: http://www.cllsociety.org/newsletter/

•Read/view an interview with Dr. George Follows about Late Resistance to Ibrutinib from ASH 2016 in Conference Coverage.

•Read answers to reader questions by Dr. Rick Furman in Ask the Doctor

•In Dr. Deborah Stephen's article find out how best to prevent infection following a diagnosis with CLL in The Basics Section

•In Beyond the Basics, learn more about navigating in the global clinical trials website, clinicaltrials.gov.

•Learn new facts about CLL in the Did You Know section

•In Ask & Tell, we're looking to learn more about the caregiver experience and how the CLL Society can better help them in their role supporting the CLL patient.

Please encourage your caregiver to take a few minutes to share with us how we might better support them.

In Living Well with CLLsection, you can read about:

•I Thought I was Pre-Disastered
•My Eight Year Journey with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia - Part One... Treatments
•10 Months on Ibrutinib - the Odyssey Continues.
•Finding the Right Treatment for CLL Takes a Lot of Study, Timing and Some Luck!! (A cautionary account of a tricky year...)
•The Role of the Pharmacist in CLL


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