Sunday, March 29, 2009


In Gotham, I walked to organic juice bar, walked to the vegan pizza stand, walked to organic cafe and sandwich shop, and of course, walked for hours in Central Park. I even walked to the drug store to buy mole skin, because my foot was sore from all that pounding of pavement.

In the Steel City, I walked along the Allegheny River past the Roberto Clemente Bridge to cross on the identical 1920s suspension bridge a few block down in this city of bridges. This one was named for a native son who made being famous for 15 minutes famous, namely Andy Warhol. I walked through the seven story museum dedicated to his art and his business and his self reported highest achievement: Art Business. 

In the OC, I drive every where. I walk on the beach to exercise and clear my head. Very different.

Next week I will walk in Mob Town and the Windy City.

Then I get to be home for awhile.



Blogger Nick Sowers said...

I love walking. I am planning a two-week long walk in Okinawa right now. I love walking in a landscape where I have no specific aim. The point is to amble, to free the mind.

The great walker Richard Long said "I get my energy from being out on the road, having the world going past me."

I move therefore I am.

March 30, 2009 at 5:02 AM  

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