Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last night in Israel

Our last touch of Israel is Eilat on the Red Sea (a typo from the distant past converted the beautiful deep blue of the Sea of Reed to the crimson finger of water that does glow that color at sunset).

It is Purim, the Jewish Halloween, and even this secular tourist town is resplendent with bejeweled Queen Esters from 2 years old to young adult living out the fantasy of inverting the course of history with only wit and beauty.

Later tonight, it is our time to cross Sinai to Cairo. I will miss Israel.

My meeting with Professor Aaron Polliack in Herzliya Pituah yesterday about my CLL was very worthwhile, and I promise to post on what is relevant for me and for others. He is enthusiastic about some pretty exciting CLL research being done here. Let me just foreshadow by saying that things look good.

But I am staying away from the Internet for the most part, so more later



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