Monday, December 12, 2011

Live from ASH (Quick interlude)

Before I rush off to 90 minutes covering several research papers with new data on the genetics of CLL, I thought I would share want will be a theme in upcoming post.

There is greater and greater light being shone on the misguided pathways in CLL. Messages to be fruitful and multiply and live a long life are heard loud and clear. Messages that you need to change your evil ways, that it is time to let a new and more healthy well rounded clone take over the real estate that you are hogging in your malignant old age, these messages fall on deaf ears (or actually on corrupted signaling pathways).

But there is hope to realign this failed there are new targeted ways to unjam the circuits and turn up the volume.

Progress is being made.

Gotta run. Stay with me.

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