Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coping with Cancer: Living with Leukemia and Lymphoma

Like my hero, Chaya Venkat at I have avoided selling anything through my website or promoting anything more than a bone marrow drive or a worthy charity.

I am now going break that rule to make a heartfelt sales pitch for a project that I was involved with in an effort to help fellow CLLers or those with other cancers.

For the last several months I have been working with my friend, Dr. Larry Deutsch an international renowned hypotherapist.

Like me, Dr Larry is a Canadian family doctor. Like me he teaches other doctors. Like me, Dr. Larry has needed to change the nature and scope of his practice because like me Dr. Larry Deutsch has CLL.

We have been collaborating on an audio file that uses his expertise and empathy and my knowledge of the disease from the inside out to help patients cope and maintain a calm sense of control with the diagnosis of leukemia and lymphoma in particular and cancer in general.

I believe that the MP3 that we produced is strong medicine. Larry is a powerful hypnotherapist with an important message.

Let me be clear. We are not promising a melting away of your cancer by a sheer act of will. We are not promising any cures. We are simply trying to build your confidence in dealing with a process that can often feel overwhelming.

Dr Deutsch did the heavy lifting on this project, but I am very proud of the part I played and very happy with the final result.

Please listen to a sample on this webpage.

Please download the MP3.
You will be glad that you did.
Every sale will generate a donation to CLLPAG in Canada and LRF in the USA, two important organizations that help the CLL and lymphoma community. I have worked with them both. Their conferences are first rate and important to many patients and caregivers, but they could do so much more with more support.

We all do so much better when we can get some help that allows us to slow down, and let go of the stress.

As I have been known to say, we are all in this together.
Hope my readers are OK with this bit of a commercial, but I am a believer in getting behind what you believe in and I do believe that how we cope with our cancer plays a role in how we do with our cancer.
I will publish more links to ASH videos over the next few days, and some stuff on 11q deletion, but tomorrow I leave for a conference on CME in Orlando for a few days.

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Anonymous Paula Brooks said...

Brian, what you and Dr. Larry Deutsch are doing will help so many people. I'm glad you took the time to let all of us know about this project. My father has lymphoma, and coming to terms with his diagnosis has not been easy (for him or for his family). I encourage him to talk to other survivors and to read sites like I'll also pass along your blog and info on your project.

February 1, 2012 at 11:06 AM  

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