Sunday, December 22, 2013

ASH 2013: Dr. Wiestner Discusses Why Therapy in CLL Needs to be Individualized

In the first of my video interviews from ASH 2013, Dr. Wiestner of the NIH outlines in some detail just how heterogeneous a disease CLL is now understood to be.

Dr. Wiestner points out that the groundbreaking work of the late Dr. Hamblin on mutation status is now  much nuanced.

What this new understanding demands is a different approach for every patient based on their biology and their personal preferences.

This is a future that I can buy into.

I will be continuing to publish interviews from both iwCLL and ASH and share my take on some of the important ASH papers.

This short post is brought to your from the free internet offered at the Athens airport as I start my long trip home after meeting with some other blood cancers advocates in Athens, and having an amazing time enjoying new Greek friends and and ancient Greek sites.

More on both soon.

Life is good.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some complimentary interviews.... on Medscape... Lots of experimentation about to begin... Let's all keep our eyes open...

Tailoring CLL Treatment to a TTT In CLL, combinations and sequences of agents are tailored to initial tumor load and response to therapy to optimize outcome, says Dr. Michael Hallek in a ...
Medscape Oncology, December 2013

Novel Agents: Making the Benefit Last in CLL... O'Brien and Bruce Cheson discuss the exciting array of oral, well-tolerated, quick-acting therapies for CLL that provide durable if only partial remission.
Medscape Oncology, December 2013

December 22, 2013 at 2:32 PM  

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