Monday, December 2, 2013

iwCLL 2013: Dr. Jeff Sharman Discusses Richter's Transformation in CLL

In the final segment of my interview with Dr. Jeff Sharman discusses the dreaded complication of Richter's Transformation.

First he explains exactly what we are talking about and the importance of understanding the difference flavors of this sinister secondary blood cancer.

Why are we seeing more Richter's?

What is the future for those of with CLL?

Dr. Sharman was very generous with his time exploring these tough questions.

And I plan to prevail upon him again to update us from ASH next week.

But first I willing be posting many more interviews from iwCLL. So much news to share.

Here is Dr. Sharman. I so appreciate his making himself so available to the CLL community.

Personally, I saw my PCP today and he said my chest was clear. Great news. Still have a persistent cough, now dry and painful, but I am getting better. Voice is raspy, but I can talk, between coughs that is.

I am winning this battle will my allies of levaquin, cough meds, and pot after pot of a  hot tea made from mullein leaves, marshmallow roots, and slippery elm to sooth my weary throat.

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