Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dr. Kanti Rai on the Future of CLL (chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) therapy


This week on the CLL Society website we have posted an interview with the great Dr. Kanti Rai when he sat down to chat with me during a break from the International Workshop on CLL held in Sydney, Australia in September 2015. He shared with me what is different about CLL management at the end of 2015 compared to the past 40 years. You can see that interview here. [http://cllsociety.org/2016/01/1213/]

If you are not familiar with, or would like a refresher on the staging system that Dr. Rai developed in 1975, you can read about the Rai Staging System here, in TheBasics section.

Dr. Rai has done much to improve the care of us CLL patients and we are all in his debt.

As we are preparing for the 2016 issues of The CLL Tribune, consider sharing your story, or advice, or perspectives on how CLL has impacted your life and consider authoring an article. Send us a message and we can connect to discuss the details. [http://cllsociety.org/contact-us/]

CLL Meeting in Tampa, FL: For those of you in the Tampa area, there is a CLL patient meeting hosted by the Florida Society of Clinical Oncology (FLASCO) being held on February 11th at the Embassy Suites Tampa Airport at 5:00 PM. A complimentary buffet dinner will be provided. I’ll be there giving a talk about the importance of support groups. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of the expert speakers. You can register and find more information here: https://www.flasco.org/events/living-with-cll-tampa/.

CLL Meeting in Charlotte, NC: For those of you in the Charlotte area, we just became aware of a patient meetings coming up in February: Thursday, February 4th in Charlotte starting at 5:30 PM at the Hampton Inn & Suites Charlotte The flyer is at http://www.cllsociety.org/docs/charlotte.pdf. CLL patients will be sharing their personal stories, and a local CLL expert will be providing a talk on the basics of CLL. You can call 844-482-6815 to register. A complimentary meal and parking will be provided and you are welcome to bring a guest. I will be at the meeting with an exhibit table and will stay afterwards to meet with attendees who may be interested in participating in a support group in the area. I look forward to meeting you there.
Stay strong.

We are all in this together.

Brian Koffman, MD
Volunteer Medical Director of the CLL Society


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