Friday, February 23, 2018

Starting CAR-T Therapy For my CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia)

Friends and CLL Society supporters:
This isn't easy.
After consulting with my wife, my family, my closest friends and key supporters of the CLL Society, I decided it was best to again share details of my personal battle with CLL in a very public way.
After a wonderful run of 69 months on Ibrutinib, my CLL is now officially relapsing. I am very grateful to Dr. Byrd and the team at Ohio State for their great care over the past 6 years.
But it is time to move on.
Very soon, I will be undergoing innovative CAR-T therapy as part of a phase I/II clinical trial.
I am confident that this CAR-T trial offers me the very best chance for a long and deep remission.
I will be frequently blogging and sharing all details about my CAR-T experience here. My first more detailed post that share more about my decision is already up. Please take a look, stay in touch and share your thoughts. More details will be coming soon.
Independent of and prior to this big decision, we have produced a fun comic book about CAR-T. It's up on the website too.
We will be bringing much more information and support about CART-T over the next few months on a new CAR-T section of the website
I hope others will benefit from following my CAR-T story as I begin this new adventure.
Your thoughts, prayers and support are greatly appreciated.
Stay strong.
We are all in this together.
Brian Koffman


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