Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The latest news comes with a free meal

I am off to a free dinner lecture on latest trends in the management of CLL.

These can range from terribly proprietary, with the sponsor blatantly selling their drug in the guise of medical education, to excellent balanced and nuanced discussions of what is the present reality and what is in the pipeline that might shape the future with plenty of give and take.

Like tonight's presentation, they are often held at fancy restaurant that serves food a vegan would never eat. Ironically, the free meal that attracts many of the attendees, usually repels me.

The speaker tonight has published extensively on pentostatin. If he does discuss that, it will be interesting to see how he explains the recent negative results presented at ASH. I bet he blames the dosing.

With my wife out of town, I will enjoy the evening out. 

Before I finish, though I miss her like crazy, I realize how lucky I am to be well enough to be on my own for 4 days. That was not definitely in the cards when I was transplanted. It would have been unthinkable and even dangerous just a few months ago with my PICC and all my meds.

I am enjoying every moment, even the ones alone or at "questionable" meetings. That "questionable" is a double entendre.



Blogger Alison said...

I think you are pretty lucky to be a medico, although I can imagine it must have drawbacks sometimes! Good on you, Brian, from a place where it is 43 degrees C, i.e. flaming hot.

January 28, 2009 at 7:54 PM  

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