Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walking- Zazen

I drove the 45 miles to the  Rinzi-Ji Zen Center, got out of the car, and within less than a minute was walking Zazen (in meditation), arms folded in front, in silence, lock step with the monks and the guests, repeatedly transversing the same path through the yard of the center, then sitting in the Zendo, then walking more, about an hour in total. 

Talk about downshifting.

Excellent, but my monkey brain didn't shut up most of the time. 

Teisho (Zen teaching) by the 102 year old master lasted well over an hour. He sat on his elevated throne, lotus position, like a stone, while I needed to shift my position to comfort my arthritic knees several times. He talked about his coming to the USA as a Japanese citizen and the obstacles and discrimination he overcame and the support he received. It was wonderful to hear the strength of his voice and the Zen twists of his mind so brightly illuminated as he tried to nudge us forward, towards enlightenment, I guess. 

I have a long way to go.



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