Friday, October 1, 2010

Wet Washington and staying flexible

In Washington, but we didn't fly in. Ended up taking the train from Newark airport to Union station as all flights into the capitol were cancelled due to yesterday's rain. You have to be able to change your plans on a dime, be ready to consider a different option. Can't fly in? No problem. There must be a train we figured. It was pleasant, fast, and pretty easy. And since we arrived a few hours after we planned, it has been great,-the National American Art and Portrait Gallery with an amazing collection and an extraordinary exhibit of the collections of Rockwells from Lucas and Spielberg. -the Spy Museum full of miniature wonders and cagey advice (more to follow later), - the Canadian Embassy with a wonderful small gallery of Inuit art and Bill Reid's amazing sculpture out front and miles and miles of walking.

My lecture on anemia to 300 plus primary care providers was well received, and fun to do.

Great vegan and raw food.

It has been a nice if short visit. Tonight we are going for a walk to the White House. Maybe the prez needs a few tips on the health care issues and invite us in to share a bottle of Honest Tea.

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