Sunday, September 18, 2011

A lazy day

Our bags arrived a few hours after we had left for the magical mythical, mystical, and misty mountain retreat, Macchu Picchu. We now have enough clean clothes to change our attire 3 times a day until we leave. They were waiting for us on our return.

MP is a full 900 meters and the village of Aquas Calientes is 1300 meters lower than Cusco, so the air is richer and it is the beginning of the jungle which offers some amazing and terrifying hikes. We walked along the edge of a cliff in the jungle to the Inca bridge.

MP is a very special place. The Incas knew how to pick a good location, and then maximize its beauty. It is worth the effort and is surprisingly well run.

Back in Cusco late last night, we went out for dinner with some friends who were hiking on the area (Brie and Arash) which was sorta magical too in its own way. Meeting dear friends from SoCal in Cusco.

Today we caught up on sleep and rest and fluids and Peptobismol but not on oxygen. It is less than 70% of what we are used to breathing.

It was great to just sit in the central square and watch the world go by.

In Cusco's main cathedral there is a portrait of a Jesus at the last supper eating the traditional Pascal chinchilla or some say guinea pig. Judas is the spitting image of the deceitful and murderous Pizarro, not that Inca kings were angels by modern standards.

Peru's bloody history is worn on its colorful sleeves everywhere you turn.

It has not easy with no bags, hours on SKYPE with American Airlines, trying to buy replacement clothes and basics that fit average size American males and from someone that could give a receipt, altitude sickness, traveler's tummy, cold hotels, and sore knees. but it has been good, in fact very good to have this special time with my son in a wild and exotic place.

Tomorrow Lima, then home sweet home.

Found myself thinking about my leukemia only once for a few minutes on the trip when during a much need and much welcomed hot shower, I could tell my nodes were growing.

Not bad 5 minutes about CLL in the last 5 days, a minute a day. I like that ratio.



Blogger Jorge said...

This is a fantastic trip.Jorge

September 20, 2011 at 4:33 PM  
Blogger Dragon Slayer said...

I like that ratio too Brian. I'm envious of your trip and time away with your son. One thing people will say long after your gone, is he lived his life to the fullest-such a great legacy.
Please come to Stanford with Patty ANY time. This time it'll be my turn to wear the mask.


September 20, 2011 at 8:07 PM  

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