Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weddings Come First

I have been celebrating a wedding for the last three days and that takes priority over CLL and airplane drama and the latest news.

It was the reason I missed ASCO where I would have loved to have attended the oral presentations on ibrutinib by Dr Byrd and others and wish I could have heard Kanti Rai's acceptance speech for the award he  received in recognition of his lifetime of monumental achievements. And to have just run into all the other CLL gurus I am privileged to know. Do some more interviews. Digest more. Share more.

But weddings come first. The information from ASCO will all be available soon enough.

Nothing new to share about my response.

Back to Ohio next week for my first CT scans since starting on the ibrutinib. That will tell a tale.

Will finish my airplane story, soon, I promise. But  not tonight.

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