Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heartburn: Ibrutinib (PCI-32765)

Well I guess I am getting a taste of the full spectrum of GI issues associated with ibrutinib.

While the lower intestinal issues have calmed down, and the nausea is gone, I am having some nasty heartburn for the first time since I can't remember when. Vegans usually don't get heartburn.

I am confident that this well recognized side effect of the drug will also pass, as have the other issues.

It is hard to report on my palpable nodes day to day is kinda like watching the grass grow. You don't notice much difference from one morning to the next, but after a week there has been a real perceptible changes. My nodes are slowly melting away.

Generally I am feeling well otherwise. More details in future posts.

Canoed six miles down the Darby Creek just south of Columbus today. It was wonderful.

Has a great meal with new friends. Vegan flour-less chocolate cake may be the source of my gastric issues. That was wonderful.

Watched the LA Kings win game three against Phoenix. That too was wonderful.

Only the heartburn is not so wonderful.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Brian--

I have been googling my fingers off trying to connect my husband, Tom, and acid reflux to Ibrutinib. He has been on trial for 2 years this November and while he still has very small nodes on CTScan, his palpable nodes are gone. This treatment is great stuff! Just wanted to know if you have more info on reflux and Ibrutinib. Tom's goes further than just an annoying stomach acid build up and it is getting worse as he continues on trial. He actually vomits violently every so often--(4-5 times in one hour)--and this is all precipitated by the feeling of fullness from eating and the need to burp, but he can't and then he gets chills, sweats and starts vomiting. He is even having some cyclible swelling of his salivary glands. Do you have any solid info on this condition?
So glad to hear that your glands are melting away. It took around 6 months for Tom's glands to not be palpable, so get ready for some great news on your following visits with your Dr.
Jenny Lou Park

July 5, 2012 at 7:49 PM  

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