Thursday, September 15, 2016

World Lymphoma Awareness Day

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Today is World Lymphoma Awareness Day!

The CLL Society motto is Smart Patients Get Smart Care™. 

If you have lymphoma, insist that you are told what subtype you have.

If you have CLL/SLL, a very heterogeneous subtype of lymphoma, know whether you have an indolent slow growing type, or an aggressive fast progressing type.

The vision of the CLL Society is to act to help shape a smarter, brighter future for those with CLL and related B cell blood cancers by encouraging and supporting smart patients, smart providers, smart healthcare delivery systems, and smart therapies.
If you are able to help the CLL Society to continue to educate your fellow patients so they can get the best possible care, consider making a donation here.

We appreciate your support

Stay strong.

We are all in this together

Brian Koffman, MD
Sept 15, 2016



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