Monday, July 28, 2008

"76 trombones lead the big parade" The Music Man

Day 27+

Only medical stuff today.

Today was a clinic  day, so Patty and I were up at 5 AM for the drive to the hospital. The good news is my appointment was for lab was 8:15, and clinic 9:15 and I was on the road home by 9:30. So much more pleasant than the last visit.

Lab remains solid with Hb 11.1 WBC 10.2 (diff pending) and platelets 512,000. That is still above normal but a tumble from my high of 667,000.

Dr. Forman thinks my rash may be a low grade staph infection (not MRSA)  and just wants to treat it with antibacterial soap and ointments.  No antibiotics. Maybe it's my hair follicles. Seems so unfair, infection of the follicles without the hair. My stomach issues have mostly resolved. Still very tired.

It turns out the engraftment studies on Day 15+ did show 66% donor T cells, but 0% donor neutrophils or monos. While that is not good news,  it not critical as the T cells lead the immune engraftment parade that determines the makeup of the rest of the marrow. I will be retested next clinic visit and I expect the results to be strongly marching in the right direction.


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